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Erica Fuggetta

Ms. Fuggetta volunteered to be the PTA Teacher Representative on the executive board for the 2023-24 school year. She has given up her free time this summer to to lend her experience as a teacher and a mom as we plan for the year. She volunteered to help at our Back to School Social, selling merchandise and greeting new students. How wonderful it was for our Kindergarteners to meet one of their teachers over the summer! Not only did she attend this unpaid school function, but she recruited other teachers to come out and volunteer as well. We are so grateful for her partnership!

~Samantha Jasmin, Pennington Parent & PTA Corresponding Secretary

Ms. Rucky 

We are grateful to Ms. Rucky for her exceptional support of the book fair and the book fair at night. She helped to entertain the children during their book fair experience.

~ Bethany Flannery, Parent and PTA President

Ms. Goidel

I had the pleasure of experiencing the Veteran's Day assembly at Pennington. After Ms. Goidel impressed the importance of honoring our veterans, my son knew he had to bring his Grandfather (a Navy Vet), to the assembly. Veterans were celebrated with breakfast, poems, songs sung by our 4-8th grade chorus, personal notes, and flowers. The veterans were interviewed by their students allowing all present to learn what it is like to serve our country. My dad, and the other Vets I've spoken with, all agreed, the event exceeded their expectations. They felt the honor and love they deserved. Kudos to Ms. Goidel and the staff for hosting this event!

~ Samatha Jasmin, Parent 

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Ms. Lee

I am thrilled to shout out Ms. Lee for not only her incredible teaching ability - but also her amazing dedication and invaluable help with Pennington's first Raise Craze fundraiser! Ms. Lee was the one who brought the idea of Raise Craze to the PTA. She then joined the leadership team providing countless hours of help after school and on the weekends making flyers, promoting, educating, and engaging teachers and staff, helping organize Family Night of Kindness, creating our Kindness slideshow that was displayed in the school cafeteria, and spreading kindness throughout the whole school. It was a joy to partner with her on this huge undertaking - raising over $21,700 and completing over 900 acts of kindness school-wide (!) - and there is no way we would have had the success we did without her incredible help and support! Thank you, Ms. Lee!! The Pennington parents and students adore and appreciate you!!

- Meg McInerney, Parent and PTA Arts Chairperson